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This First page is themed after Shamir's Megacon Experiences and testimonials of other people who have gone to Megacon. the red links below will lead you directly to the megacon website!

Megacon 2024

Tickets On Sale Now!

Explore The World of megacon

If your a fan and want to have a great experience while in Orlando Megacon is the place to go.

Celebrities signings and Photo-ops

Each year your favorite celebrities take their personal time to come hang out with their fans like you!


Being a fanboy has lots of perks. One, it allows us to dream bigger than we could’ve ever imagined. Whatever seems impossible now becomes possible by seeing the characters that we love struggle but then become successful during their journey alongside the aliens and friends that they end up obtaining along the way. The cherry on top is going to conventions where we can met the celebrities in person and just thank them for contributing to our lives and creating wonderful memories throughout our lives with the characters that they breathe life into. Lastly being around fellow fans is thrilling because we all share a love for fandom and it’s cool to feel like we’re not alone and can enjoy the same things together.
Nabil Carrillo
I don't know what life would be without Megacon or Cons in general shoutout to Dragons Milk!
Joelys Camille
Went to my first Megacon in 2023 and its awesome! Will be there 2024 for sure. #PikachuIsAwesome
Glamadys Cardona